Bewerbungsservice Interantional Application Service International
Bewerbungsservice Interantional Application Service International
Bewerbungsservice International Application Services International
   Bewerbungsservice International                                                                                                      Application Services International

Consulting - Mentoring - Coaching around the Application Process

A large number of our clients are specialists who are looking for the next step of career or wish
to spend some time working abroad. If you have a critical look at your professional career and
employment history, what is your conclusion: Is it time for a change to another company or a new branch or even a totally different industry, or build on your career just where you are? Is it all about greater success, a more influential position or additional livability or simply life balance?

If you are unsure, it is time to develop new perspectives and alternative ways to work on your future. We are happy to help you getting the job you ever wanted. As for what we can do for your
new career: That's up to you. Simply contact us to let us know what you need.

Preparing and Simulating a Phone Interview

A phone interview is a more and more frequently way of getting in touch with a candidate before meeting in person.
On the phone, all you have is your voice to convince the interviewer and get enough of his interest to invite you. Since this is the target – what is your story? What are your values? What makes you unique?
Above that there are lots of things to pay attention to, like pitch of voice, accentuation or tonatality. You have only one chance to convince.

We will discuss these important issues and then simulate a phone interview and you will receive
a feedback to empower you to get full marks.

Preparing a Job Interview

The job interview is the first personal meeting with a representative of your future employer.
It is not an interrogation but an important conversation, at which end both, candidate and company decide, whether they match or not.

However, you can conduce to success. From appearance, behavior, the outfit through the communication to nonverbal signals there is much to consider.

With an intensive preparation you go more relaxed into the interview, act genuin and confident and concentrate on your professional skills.

Coaching for Success

Sometimes it’s time for a decision. Stay or leave, accept
this job opportunity or another one, take over more responsibility in a new role and position or move from a large enterprise to a medium-sized company. If you will
have to move to another city or even country, if your employer has signed you off because of reduction in staff
or relocation of the company, some questions may arise.

If you think it's time to get a neutral statement or discuss special issues, if you are searching for a way out of a critical phase or would like to eliminate hazard incidents, this kind of support is exactly what you need. If it's a onetime meeting or if we have consecutive meetings is up to you.

We will be happy to help you getting the objectives you are aiming for and you have set. Simply contact us to let us know what you need.

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